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Videos collection of lesbian medical domination. Dominatrix lesbians in nurse uniform torture naked girls use gyno speculum tools, fuck with strapon till they feel real orgasm. It was all supposed to be a normal gynecological visit for these women. They figured they'd spread their legs for their doctor, get poked and prodded a bit, and off they'd go. But they never realized that their female doctor might have been attracted to them enough to choose them out of all of her patients to have some naughty lesbian sex in the examination room with! You know these chicks have to be special if these Gyno Lesbians chose them out of all of her patients, but they show their patients just how attracted to them they are here! It's not just a case of, "while you're down there, could you get me off, too?". These gynecologists use their powerful position to their advantage, easily seducing their patients into having lesbian sex with them. You can see the surprised looks on the patient's faces when they start to realize what's going on. I mean, it takes a bit for them to catch on, since they were already naked and prone for their doctors. And since they were normally strictly dickly, they were quite shocked to realize that they would be capable of licking another woman's pussy, and to open her own snatch for the doctor's special; a big strapon dildo that would open them up like never before. Soon enough though, these shy patients open up in every way, having the kind of orgasm that they could only have dreamed of. They're even hopping up and down on those dildos, cumming all over the rubber dicks, and getting ready to sign up for their next appointment in advance at Gyno Lesbians!

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