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Site features special medical exams: beautiful girls perform nude exercises and pass embarrassing medical procedures such as gyno exam, flexibility tests and speculum insertion. These women have no idea just what they're getting into here. They thought they were going to the doctor's office just to get a simple check-up. But once they got on the examination table, they were under the strong hands of doctors and nurses, who order them to take off their clothes for a much more thorough inspection! At Special Examination, every inch of these beautiful, innocent bodies are poked and prodded, embarrassing the girls as you can see the frightened expressions on their faces while they're opened up wide for them to take a closer look at. It's nerve-wracking when you have to go to the doctor for anything to begin with, especially if you're going for a gynecological examination. It's something that women dread doing, so you could imagine the fright and terror when these girls are cracked open like a piece of meat, having to be fully submissive to their mean doctors here! All along these videos and picture sets, you'll see just how bad it gets. These girls are made to strip in the cold doctor's office, being stripped of their clothes and their pride at the same time. And if that doesn't do it, maybe the various medical instruments being shoved into their pussies and their assholes will do it! And it's not just male doctors who do it, as you'll see female doctors and nurses perform such thorough examinations on high definition videos as well! Come bear witness to every moment of their Special Examination, and enjoy watching them suffer.

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